Conference Speakers


Jacqui Banaszynski is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who now teaches and coaches other writers, from students to fellow top award winners.


Alex Tizon is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and faculty member at the University of Oregon.

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Decât o Revistă, a quarterly journal of Romanian nonfiction, invites you to a learning Saturday packed with stories and storytelling. The Power of Storytelling brings four amazing journalists from the US, the standard of nonfiction reporting and writing, to Bucharest, to inspire, and share best practices.

As journalism struggles to find its bearings in the digital world, we must not forget that bite-size information and speedy delivery won’t displace the well-reported, well-written, and well-produced narrative stories that explain, investigate, create emotion and build community.

Narrative journalism – also referred to as literary journalism, creative nonfiction or narrative nonfiction – is a genre that brings literary devices into the journalistic work, without comprising the integrity of facts. The best of nonfiction storytelling is, as writer Walt Harrington said, “news you can feel.” It is scenic, it has characters, dialogue, and it aims to create an emotional experience for the public.