We'd like to thank our amazing speakers, our great partners, and all of you who attended. We laughed, we cried, we were inspired, and we learned about storytelling and its power to enrich - or even change - lives. We'll return in the Fall of 2013. If you want to keep up with our announcements, subscribe to our conference mailing list:

Conference speakers

This year’s speakers include writers, editors, radio producers, film-makers, and story innovators. Registration is now open.

Welcome note

We explain our lives, businesses, countries, values, and choices through stories. This conference celebrates the craft of storytelling, and brings nine amazing speakers to Bucharest to share their experiences as reporters, writers, editors and producers of true tales.

Here are a few reasons why you should join us on October 5–6 in Bucharest at Pullman Hotel/World Trade Center:

Our speakers’ talks and workshops will inspire, educate, and help all of us become better storytellers, whether we are journalists, bloggers, other communicators, or simply lovers of narrative.

Whether you are from Romania or visiting us from abroad, we believe we can all do more responsible and credible storytelling in all fields - from politics, to business, to social issues.

Not to mention that stories are sticky - people remember information better if told through stories.

They are also engaging, and help us capture and move our audience. Once stories explain the world to people, they participate more, and, hopefully, help change it for the better.

Mike Sager is an award-winning reporter, and novelist. He has been a writer-at-large for Esquire magazine for nearly 15 years.

Jacqui Banaszynski is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, teacher and coach. She is also a fellow at the Poynter Institute.

Travis Fox is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and journalist for Frontline (PBS), and a multimedia pioneer.

Pat Walters is a Peabody award-winning producer for the American public radio program, Radiolab.

Alex Tizon is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. He was a national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times and is now a faculty member at the University of Oregon.