About the conference

The Power of Storytelling is a conference built around the idea that stories can change our worlds.

The only one of its kind in Eastern Europe, it brings together superstar storytellers in all fields – from media, to arts, to business – to show the potential of stories to connect people, to heal wounds, to move to action, and to drive change.

We started this conference because we believe stories are for everyone. This event grows out of our deep commitment to in-depth and intimate narrative journalism, and attracts writers, producers, artists, communicators, marketers, activists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

This fourth edition is our largest so far. Over two days, in keynotes speeches and breakout sessions, our guest will teach and inspire us all to harness the power of stories for more compelling work.

Over the years, our speakers have included multiple winners of Pulitzer Prizes, National Magazine Awards, and Emmys. They were writers, editors, producers, digital innovators, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and musicians, all among the best in their respective fields.

When? Where?

The conference will take place October 17-18 in the conference center of Pullman Hotel (World Trade Center), located at 10 Montreal Square, Bucharest (View map in a new window).

Who is responsible?

The conference is hosted by Decât o Revistă, a Romanian quarterly journal of groundbreaking nonfiction. It was made possible with support from a host of sponsors and supporters.

What language will the conference be in?

All keynote speeches and breakout sessions will be in English.

What is narrative journalism?

Narrative journalism – also referred to as literary journalism, creative nonfiction or narrative nonfiction – is a genre that brings literary devices into the journalistic work, without comprising the integrity of facts. The best of nonfiction storytelling is, as writer Walt Harrington said, “news you can feel.” It is scenic, it has characters, dialogue, and it aims to create an emotional experience for the public. Read lengthier explanations of what narrative is at these three links.

What about international participants?

Getting in: Bucharest International Airport

You have two options to get from the airport to the city:

Bus: Bus 783 will take you into the city. You will need to purchase a bus ticket, which costs approximately 1.6 euros, and is the equivalent of two trips to / from the airport.

Taxi: The taxi must be ordered from inside the terminal, from a booth. The average cost for a trip to the city center is 7-12 euros.



Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center (conference venue)

Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center offers preferential rates for accommodation (starting at 50 euros per night) for conference attendees. Please download the Pullman reservation form (see below) by September 1st, and email or fax it to Pullman to secure your reservation (full instructions are in the form). Download here: PDF for Mac and/or Adobe Acrobat Pro or Microsoft Word document for everyone else.


Antique Hostel


Closest in this list to the conference venue, at Piața Victoriei with a park and museum nearby. The conference venue is reacheable by taking the subway from Piața Victoriei to Aviatorilor station, then taking the 335, 331, 131 or 330 buses to Piața Presei.


A double standard room with a private bathroom is 36 euros per night.

Umbrella Hostel


Located near Piața Romana, this hostel is closer to the city center but further from the conference venue. However, you can take the 131 or 331 bus straight to the conference venue.


A double room with a private bathroom is 36 euros per night.

Prices listed above are informative – please check each accommodation when you make travel arrangements.

What past speakers say about the conference?

There is a sense of shared spirit at the Power of Storytelling conferences that has immeasurable value. People gather to gain tools and techniques to elevate their skills, sure. But more important, they gather to renew their faith in the role true stories play in society. For three years now, I’ve seen talented young writers leave the Bucharest gathering with a greater sense of responsibility and a greater sense of possibility. I attend conferences and workshops all over the world and can tell you without exaggeration that this is consistently one of the most professional and inspirational. I always walk away wowed, and eager to return. -Jacqui Banaszynski, speaker in 2013

[The] conference was sold out, the rooms filled by hundreds of young writers who wanted to learn what words could make possible. They looked to us not just for technical instruction on the structures of stories, but also for more abstract inspiration: that if they wanted it and worked for it, they could fill glossy pages and radio waves with stories that could move readers and listeners, could make them remember and forget at the same time. -Chris Jones, speaker in 2013

To say that The Power of Storytelling was a unique conference would be to insult it
by reducing it to the status of a conference. In fact, it belongs to some other category, a gathering of people who care tremendously about the art, the value, and
the craft. -Evan Ratliff, speaker in 2012

What participants say about the conference?

It was a really great and novel event for Romania, showing that the media is enthusiastic about adopting new approaches to journalism in a form that would be educational and inspiring for the wider public. -Conference attendee in 2013

I’ve had some personal revelations about my dreams and what I want to do in the future. -Conference attendee in 2013

The conference was a great experience! The speakers were all very good and both the exclusive masterclass and break-out session were excellent! I learned a lot and got many useful tips and inspiration. -Conference attendee in 2013

I have a question not answered here. How do I reach you?

Direct all inquiries to storytelling@decatorevista.ro.

How stories change us

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